Who we are

cropped-headerThinkingPot3.jpgThe Thinking Pot is a collaboration of policy analysts on peace, human rights, and sustainability. We welcome your getting in touch with any of us via our contact form.

Alexandra BosbeerAlexandra Bosbeer is a policy analyst, communicator, and photographer with a passionate concern for social and economic justice, human rights, and the sustainability of the beautiful planet on which we live. She has been analysing European policy in human rights and environment since 2012. Before that, her work in sustainable forest management took her to many parts of our globe. Read her personal blog at alexandrabosbeer.com, and some of her photographs can be viewed online at thebeargallery.com.


Sevasti ChristoforouSevasti Christoforou is a communications professional and researcher with experience of working for human rights and advocacy organizations in Brussels. She has a genuine interest in issues of human rights and sustainability, with a particular focus on the hate speech phenomenon and the degrowth movement. Her research interests are also in political communication and the relationship between social media and public opinion. Sevasti holds a BA in Media and Communications from the University of Athens and an MA in Media, Culture and Society from Erasmus University Rotterdam.

Gordon Matthews


Gordon Matthews, a lifelong Quaker, has been working on peace issues, mostly in an ecumenical context, since the late 1970s. His work to create a more just and peaceful world is founded in his conviction that nonviolent action for justice and peace is at the heart of Christian discipleship. His personal blog ‘Let the Silence Ring – Reflections of an English Quaker’ can be found at letthesilencering.wordpress.com.

Gordon also copyedits all blogs for The Thinking Pot, and he is available for similar work. His copyediting and translation website can be found online at www.gordontranslates.com.